Consulting and Training: Labor/Legal Environment

Managing employees in Latin American markets can be complex terrain, and has some unique nuances and risks. Leaders outside of the region, or companies looking to employ people in Latin America can reduce these risks and make informed decisions by familiarising themselves with the basics of the labor environments where their employees are based. 

Some helpful training options for leaders:

-Labor basics of day-to-day management (e.g. absences, protected statuses, disciplinary matters, acceptable termination causes, etc.) 

-Best practice documentation for discipline and performance management 

-Working within the confines of collective bargaining agreements and unionised environments

-Updates on proposed bills, or newly enacted labor reforms, and what it means for businesses

For investment and expansion decisions:

-Understanding the local labor context (minimum salary, adjustments, employee representative groups, industry chamber role, labor conflicts particular to industry, union attention to industry, particular industry labor risks and litigation patterns, etc.)

-Research into potential labor risks and impacts of proposed organisational, or functional changes in the market.

-Research into like-industry/competitors labor matters particular to the market

-Analysis of publicly available litigation like-industries and competitors have been subject to, recommendations.

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